panur_links (panur_links) wrote in layout_help,

What's wrong here?

Evenin’, ladies and gents. I come here to request assistance with my club’s layout… All of the sudden, the main pic decided to die on me about two weeks ago, for reasons unknown, as only I have access to the layout, and I know I didn’t change it…

Now, let it be known… I know ABSOLUTELY nothing from coding (I handle myself by copy/pasting from templates friends do for me XD). This layout was done by a friend I no longer speak to, about a year and a half ago. Another friend of mineshas described it as ‘a combo of CSS and tables’, and says she doesn’t see the code for the header.

HERE, as you can see, there is a black void of darkness, where I should be seeing THIS.

This is the code

BTW, I'm on a basic account, just in case it matters.
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